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          With the ever evolving world of technology and constant introduction of new emerging technologies e-safety is a key aspect of school life embedded across our curriculum. Our students are taught how to behave responsibly and safely whilst online during dedicated lessons throughout the year in ICT & Computing & Citizenship, with cross curricular references in a range of other subjects.


          We also identify that it is our responsibility to teach and work alongside our parents to educate, support and update them on key e-safety matters. During the year we run e-safety evenings for parents & carers, provide frequent updates to parents on new technologies and advancements coming onto the market as well as supporting them should they have any concerns about their child’s welfare online.

          你应该有相关的在线安全的任何问题或疑问,那么请不要犹豫,联系我们的电子安全协调员,本·福特。我们还建议你 parentinfo,为家长和护理人员,可能只是帮助你保持领先一步一个资源丰富。


          珍妮萨巴格 - 副校长:学生支持


          Resources for 父母 & Carers


          During these evenings we go over the significance of e-safety, advancements & developments in apps and emerging technologies that are now on the market, as well as providing parents with an idea into the legal implications on e-safety.



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